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It is autumn, but not in my soul. Here the sun is still shining over the cold sand, the sea is still alive. I’m tired of suffering, I’m sick to see you go away,┬áI’m tired waiting you with open arms, anxiously, smiling, crying and you to leave again.┬áI do not want rain, the drops do not wash the soul. I do not want to see how all is dying around me, it’s torture. Everything is in transition, including myself. Just outside, because it’s autumn, but not in my soul.

I still don’t feel that summer has left us, I still enjoy the remaining days, but that does not mean it won’t go away, so I went some steps ahead the fall and I litter some┬áleaf words. I hope you enjoy it!┬áÔťî

Steph was with you and until the next article

Peace┬áÔťîÔťî and keep reading┬á­čôľ ÔŁĽ

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